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DNP Editor's Letter One more Xbox

Can you believe we’ve had the Xbox 360 since 2005? As a child of the two- or three-year console cycle, a system still going strong after eight seems inconceivable. Finally, it’s being put out to pasture — somewhat unceremoniously. The Xbox One is its successor and, with no backwards compatibility for disc-based or downloaded games, those looking to make the leap to the next generation in the fall will already want to start weaning themselves from Microsoft’s current wunderconsole. It’ll make it easier for both of you when it comes time to unplug it.

And you probably will want to unplug it and make the upgrade, though to be fair there’s plenty to be cynical about with the Xbox One. So, I’ll get that out of the way first, starting with the name. Microsoft is trying to send the message that the new Xbox is the only device you’ll need to control your living room. That may be, but One? HTC, of course, called its latest flagship the One, but that was a case of a company distancing itself from previous, complicated naming schemes and going with something simpler. Here, there have been only two previous generations of the Xbox. Calling the third one the “One” is simply confusing. Still, it beats “Xbox Foo,” which is what Microsoft’s initial press release mentioned. Someone, it seems, got the memo on the official name a little too late.


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