Engadget is proud to be the home of the 2014 Best of CES Awards

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When it comes to tech events, there’s nothing quite like the International CES. It’s a challenge, it’s a marathon and it can be a little overwhelming — but we wouldn’t miss it for the world. CES has evolved dramatically since its inception in 1967 as a small, NYC offshoot of the Chicago Music Show and at Engadget we’re proud to have been the Official Blog and Online News Source for the past five years running. This year we’re taking that relationship a step further. A big step further. We’re thrilled to announce that Engadget is the official home of the 2014 Best of CES Awards!

In January, the Engadget editorial team will be scouring the International CES show floor to find the best, most exciting products making their debut there. We do this every year, but in 2014 we’ll formalize the procedure. Finalists will be selected for each of 15 categories and, through an entirely editorially controlled process, individual products will be awarded the honor of Best of CES. Those lucky standouts will receive custom, 3D printed trophies courtesy of our friends at 3D Systems. Awards will be printed live at the International CES, so you can see them emerging from nothing as the show goes on.

We’ll be detailing our judging process in the coming months and providing more information on how companies can submit their products for our consideration ahead of the show in January. For now, know that we’re very excited to be the new home of the 2014 Best of CES Awards. Here’s what Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of CEA, had to say:

Engadget and CEA share a passion for technology and for showcasing innovations to a global audience. Their dedicated editorial team canvases the CES show floor to cover the best products across all key categories of CES. Their quality coverage is sought after by CES exhibitors and the independent editorial judgment they will bring to these awards will help highlight the top products at the 2014 CES.

We can’t wait to see you in Vegas.

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