Engadget's back to school guide 2013: accessories

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Welcome to Engadget’s back to school guide! Today, we’re serving up a selection of accessories — head to the back to school hub to see the rest of the product guides as they’re added throughout the month. Be sure to keep checking back; in early September, we’ll be giving away a ton of gear, including some of the picks in our guides.

Engadget's back to school guide 2013 accessories

While you’ve been fretting over the more essential items for your return to school, we’ve been out on a bit of a field trip of our own. The mission? To dig out the most essential (and, we’ll admit it, fun) accessories to see you through your next academic year. Of course, we’ve got all the big hitters covered in other sections of our annual back to school guide, so we’ve hit the books — er, websites — to find those items that could help tip your work into the next grade. So, whether you’re a biologist, a computer scientist, a music major or just love gadgets, dive past the break for our accessory essentials.

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