Engadget's tablet buyer's guide: spring 2013 edition

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DNP Engadget's tablet buyer's guide spring 2013 edition

Much like bears, tablet designers are coming out of hibernation: there have been a handful of noteworthy models reaching the wild after a few months of silence. Most of these are the Windows 8- and RT-based tablets that didn’t quite make the cut for the holidays, and we’re launching our 2013 spring tablet buyer’s guide with a dedicated Windows section to accommodate a distinct and rapidly filling category. Just be careful before you commit to a purchase, wherever your allegiances lie: Mobile World Congress brought us tablets that haven’t quite shipped yet, like the FonePad and Galaxy Note 8.0. (We’ve included a heads-up in those situations where waiting a few weeks, or months, may be wisest.) As chaotic as spring can be, our guide might just provide some kind of stability if you’re shopping for your next slate.

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