Goodreads finally hits the Kindle Paperwhite

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You can’t quite call it a synchronized release — a day after announcing Goodreads availability for its Fire HD and HDX tablets, the Amazon-owned social reading network is hitting the Kindle Paperwhite. As with that release, you can wait for an over-the-air update over the next couple of weeks, or you can just jump the line and download it directly from Amazon today (the source link below will take you were you need to go). Integration lets you share passages from texts, rate books, keep track of your reading activity and find out what your friends are reading. The update brings a few more notable features to the e-reader as well. Parental monitoring app FreeTime, a staple over on the Fire side of the fence, is hitting the Paperwhite. The app lets parents set reading goals and monitor time spent with books. Cloud collections is included as well, letting users better organize their content across Kindle apps and devices.


Source: Amazon

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