Google Now available on iOS devices starting today

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Google Now available on iOS devices starting today

When it comes to major news, we didn’t expect to hear much from Google in the run-up to I/O, but clearly, the company just couldn’t wait that long. Google Now, a service that Android users have enjoyed for a year, just became available on iOS devices in the form of an update to the Google Search app, confirming those leaked videos we saw a few weeks ago. It won’t have integration with notifications or alerts at launch — it may come in a future update, but the company wasn’t willing to divulge its future plans — so you’ll need to enter the app and swipe up to refresh your list of cards. The iOS version won’t have every type of card that you’ll find on Android, either: boarding passes, activity summary, events, concerts, Fandango and Zillow aren’t included this go-round. Improvements and additional features will likely trickle in over time, but it’s certainly better than nothing for iOS fans who’ve looked at Jelly Bean users with a slightly jealous eye. We’ve included Google’s blog post in its entirety below, and you can jump to the source to download the app.

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Source: The Official Google Blog, iTunes

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