Hands-on with the G Flex, LG's first curved smartphone

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In the case you have around a thousand bucks to burn and you’re looking for the coolest gadget to buy to impress your family during Thanksgiving dinner, look no further than the LG G Flex. This is the second device to come out with a curved display (the first being the Samsung Galaxy Round), which arcs from top to bottom and even offers a little bit of flex when you push down on it. Officially it’s only available in Korea for 999,940 won (about $940), and while rumors are pointing to an eventual launch in other parts of the world, the earliest — and richest — of early adopters in the US can grab one from importers for around $1,100. One of those companies is Negri Electronics, which was gracious enough to send us a G Flex for a few days.

Between the G Flex and the Galaxy Round, you’re looking at two of the most expensive smartphones this side of a Vertu or Porsche Design BlackBerry. So what’s the point? The benefits of curved or flexible displays are three-fold (so far): they promise more durable gadgets, a better viewing experience over regular phones and could potentially lead to wholly flexible devices or even brand new form factors (Samsung, for instance, is already working on a phone with a foldable screen, as well as a prototype with a bent display). It’s pretty exciting stuff, so we’ve opened up the G Flex box, fired up the phone, and we’re ready to share our initial impressions with you. Take a closer look at the G Flex with our gallery and thoughts below.


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