HTC One for AT&T and Sprint: what's different?

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HTC One for AT&T and Sprint: what's different?

You’d think after publishing a 6,000-word review, two hands-on posts and a camera explainer, we would have said all there is to say about the HTC One. Not quite. Though the phone has been available in Germany for about a month now, it’s only just arriving in other markets. The US version in particular will see simultaneous launches on AT&T and Sprint, and T-Mobile soon to follow. The AT&T and Sprint variants will be available on April 19th, though you can pre-order either for $200 with a two-year contract. By the by, while all three US carriers will offer a 32GB version, AT&T is also selling a $300 model with 64 gigs of built-in storage — a useful spec, given that the phone has no microSD slot.

We’ve just finished taking the AT&T / Sprint models for a spin and, as you’d expect, we like them just as much as the global model. If you’re seriously considering getting one, we’d still refer you to our original review for an in-depth take on the design, camera performance and Sense 5 skin. When you’re done, though, you might want also to meet us after the break: we’ve got benchmark scores, network speeds, battery life results and bloatware alerts that apply specifically to those US versions.

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