HTC to show its soft side with Hello Kitty edition Butterfly s

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HTC to launch Hello Kitty edition Butterfly s,

The number of times Hello Kitty’s popped up on Engadget over the years is quite astonishing, and thanks to HTC, the cat leaves yet another paw print here. Earlier today, our Taiwanese brethren received an invitation (embedded after the break) for next Monday’s launch of the Butterfly s Hello Kitty limited edition. Interestingly and perhaps unsurprisingly, the cartoon character is seen wearing a uniform similar to that of EVA Air, a local airline that now operates five Hello Kitty edition planes.

Later on, a Mobile01 forum user followed up with what appears to be a spy shot of said phone’s printed ad, as shown above. Here you can see the feline’s head — with her butterfly hair clip highlighted for obvious reasons — dominating the white back of the 5-inch phone. And with that cute wallpaper, we assume there will be other Hello Kitty features on the software side as well. All will be revealed next week, of course. Meanwhile, we’re secretly hoping HTC’s also planning on a One Max with a glowing arc reactor stuck on the back.

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Source: Mobile01 (Chinese)

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