Insert Coin: Skydog brings cloud-based networking to the home

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DNP NDA Skydog brings cloudbased networking to the home, offers parental controls and bandwidth allocation

It’s safe to say that most people’s idea of home networking involves the following steps: buy a wireless router, set it up with an SSID and a password, and then never ever think about it again as long as the WiFi keeps working. But if you’re one of a dedicated few who want deeper IT admin-level control over your family’s internet usage, then a new Kickstarter campaign from PowerCloud Systems just might be right up your alley. The product is called Skydog, and while you do get a slim and compact dual-band 802.11n five-port Gigabit router out of it, Skydog is really more about the cloud-based platform than the physical hardware. Customers are able to visually survey who and what device is on their home network, manage permissions based on that information, allocate bandwidth priority, troubleshoot network issues with ease and more.

PowerCloud Systems is no stranger to cloud-managed networking — it’s been providing just such a solution to enterprises such as hotels, schools, multi-dwelling units and retail chains ever since 2008 when it was spun out of Xerox PARC. In order to bring that level of sophistication to the home audience, however, the company needed consumer-facing software to simplify the process for the masses, and that’s exactly what it has tried to do with Skydog. After the break, we offer a tour of the service and interview the people behind it to see just why they’re seeking funding via Kickstarter.

Gallery: Skydog interface


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