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Neo Geo X handson

When the Neo Geo AES hit the scene 20 years ago, it was one of the largest, most powerful and most expensive game consoles the market had to offer, ringing in at a steep $650. Used AES machines aren’t much cheaper, and modernized slim variations don’t cost a penny less than the original hardware, either. A full home console might be a bit outside of the average gamer’s budget, but SNK’s 20th anniversary Neo Geo X hits a little closer to home: $200 for a portable handheld, 20 pre-loaded games, a faithful recreation of the original console arcade stick and an AES-shaped charging / controller dock that pipes video and audio out to a proper television. The end result? A handheld dressed up in a home console’s skin. This is something we needed to see — we spent some time with the setup to give it a once over.

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