Nintendo Wii U's spring update, Panorama View arrive next week

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Nintendo Wii U's spring update arrives next week

Nintendo’s Wii U game console is getting its promised spring update next week, said company president Satoru Iwata in a Luigi-filled video presentation this morning. The update is said to launch software dramatically faster than before, as Nintendo demonstrated in a video last month. Iwata also said the update adds continuable downloads while the console is off, and that Virtual Console won’t arrive until the following week — should you wish to directly launch into the Wii menu, you’ll be able to hold down the B button as the console is starting up.

That said, if you wanna play those VC games directly from the Wii U menu, you’ll need to re-buy them for $1 apiece for NES games and $1.50 for SNES games. A variety of games were shown off as available at the Virtual Console’s launch, including classics like Super Mario World and Punch-Out! Apparently GameBoy Advance and Nintendo 64 games are planned for inclusion on the VC in the coming months, but no definitive date was given. He also said Panorama View will arrive next week for free, and it sounds like it’ll be a separate download from the software update.


Source: Nintendo Direct

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