Roadie tunes your guitar for you, tells you when your strings are about to break (hands-on)

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Unless you’ve traded your guitar strings for an axe-shaped MIDI controller, tuning your guitar is probably one of those chores you’ve just learned to deal with. It’s hardly the bane of any guitarist’s existence, but sometimes it seems like there could just be a faster, more brainless way to get your instrument ready to jam. Turns out, there is.

Roadie positions itself as the next generation of guitar tuners. Think of it like a modern String Master, a device that fits snugly over your instrument’s tuning pegs and does the hard part for you. Paired with a companion smartphone app, Roadie listens your guitar’s strings and turns its gears until the instrument is on key. We dropped by the team’s table at Haxlr8r, and the process was dead easy, quickly tuning a demo guitar without breaking a string. In fact, it’s designed not to — by comparing a string’s elasticity with its frequency, the device can actually warn you when your guitar’s wires are about to break. Not a bad trick, particularly for guitarists (like this editor) that aren’t completely sure when their instrument was last restrung. The device’s Kickstarter page has already more than half of its $60,000 goal, and has a little over a month left to get the rest. Looking for a way to chip in (and to avoid guitar maintenance)? Check out the source link below; Roadie tuners start at $79.

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