The Engadget Show is nominated for a Webby Award!

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The past year and a half has been a period of big changes for the Engadget Show, eschewing our longstanding studio format for a new kind of program that’s given us the freedom to travel the world, in search of bigger, deeper stories. We spent the year speaking to some of tech’s top minds — abstract thinkers like Douglas Rushkoff and DJ Spooky, representatives from leading companies like Google and Sony, modders like Ben Heck and researchers at top universities including MIT and Carnegie Mellon. We hung with Wayne Coyne and LeVar Burton, got animated with John Hodgman, flew drones with Chris Anderson, went behind the scenes at Improv Everywhere, rode some crazy hacked bikes in Boston, played classic pinball, spoke to a disembodied robotic head, went ghost hunting, solved a few mysteries and even discovered the true meaning of the holidays (it’s presents, by the way).

All in all, we thought we had a good year — and it’s nice to know the folks at the Webby Awards felt the same. We’re hoping you enjoyed it too (after all, as fun as the past year’s been, we’re not just doing this for ourselves). If so, now’s the time to let us know. The voting for the People’s Voice Award opens today, so we’re asking you, dear viewer, to show us some love with a quick vote over at the Webby site (where you can also catch a quick reel to relive some of 2012’s highlights). Thanks everyone for helping us make the Engadget Show better than ever (and thanks in advance for voting). We’ll see you again soon on the small screen.

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