This is the Modem World: Who's driving this thing?

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This is the Modem World Who's driving this thing

I was never a fan of push notifications. The only alerts I wanted to get while my phone was sleeping included calls, texts and super-important reminders. I didn’t need to know if someone liked the photo that I shared. I didn’t want to be notified if I hadn’t played a particular game in a few days. I’d get around to it. I’d find out on my own.

But lately, mobile operating system makers are pushing the push, rallying to turn their home screens into notification centers that cull all your social, entertainment and organizational information to allegedly make our lives easier. And, to be fair, the more information we consume, the more home screens filled with notifications and push messages are beginning to make sense: show me what’s up so I don’t have to go find it. I get it now.

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