Watch the Curiosity rover explore Mars in one minute (video)

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It hasn’t even been a year from the time NASA’s Curiosity rover landed on Mars, yet it already boasts a number of accomplishments. All the while, Opportunity’s successor has been sending images back to Earth documenting its numerous great deeds, and a fan of the rover’s work has compiled many of the them into the video you see above. So, now you can get a glimpse of Curiosity capturing awe-inspiring shots of Mount Sharp, unearthing evidence of liquid water, determining the alien soil’s chemical composition, and discovering conditions that could’ve allowed microbes to thrive on the red planet all in the span of a minute. Hit play to check out what Curiosity’s been up to from its first through its 281st Sol — or Martian day — as well as to see the extraterrestrial lands our grandchildren might occupy in the future.

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