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Everyone’s in a tizzy about the “new” console generation, conveniently forgetting that, market-wise, it was already here a year ago with the release of Nintendo’s Wii U. It isn’t as advanced technologically as the new Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox One, but the Wii U’s like the kid who still likes Ninja Turtles when everyone’s moved on to Power Rangers: They might not be as cool, but they’re still your classmate, and they’re still going to graduate with everyone else. Nintendo might seem a little square compared to Sony and Microsoft right now, but it still has the skills to succeed in school.

At launch, Nintendo sold out its entire initial allotment of 400,000 Wii U’s — which looked promising — but after the holidays, sales softened significantly and continued to slide. By E3, the situation wasn’t looking so good. Just a few months later, Nintendo announced a price cut of $50 for the console, reducing its profit on each unit sold. However, the price reduction also moved a lot of units, with the Wii U experiencing a 200 percent uptick in sales for the month of September.

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