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Your Home Network is a convenient way to enjoy the Internet. It allows you to access the Internet from anywhere in your home. Without the proper security measures in place, on your Wireless Home Network, you could open yourself and your family to some unexpected risks.


The proper Wireless Home Network security helps protect you from:

IDENTITY THEFT: Don’t let your credit card numbers, financial and personal information and passwords get stolen online.
MALICIOUS HACKERS: Hackers can send junk mail from your home, spread viruses, and malicious software and attack others, possibly leaving you liable.
INTERNET FREELOADERS: People can use your internet service by “piggybacking” when they connect to your wireless network. In Florida, piggybacking is illegal; and unlawful in many other states.
Dont let a hacker expose you and your family to the costly risks of an unprotected Home Network. Securing your wireless network is a must. Wireless Home Network, you need to make sure it is safe and secure.

We can setup your Home or Business wireless network up or check your existing wireless setup for its vulnerability to the internet or nearby outsiders.

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